14" LED Diva Ring Light + Umbrella Lighting Kit + Black Background Kit

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1 x 14" LED Diva Ring Light
1 x Double Sided Mirror
1 x Universal Smartphone Holder
1 x Goose Neck (for smartphone holder)
2 x Single Light Sockets
2 x LED Photo Video Light Bulbs
2 x 33 inch Reflective Umbrellas
3 x Adjustable 7ft Light Stands
1 x 7x10 feet Background Stand
1 x Background Stand Carrying Bag
1 x 10x10 feet Black Backdrop


Ring Light
300w Lighting Output
Bulb Type - LED
Adjustable Brightness
Can Be Tilted 90° In Either Direction
Adjustable Color Temperature

Light Bulb
Color Temperature - 5000k
Equivalent To 200w Lighting Output Per Bulb
Daylight Balanced 

Backdrop Stand
Two Adjustable 8 feet Stands
4pc Crossbar Equivalent To 10feet In Width

10 feet In Width 
10 feet In Length 
Material: Non Woven