52mm Lens Filters (UV, CPL, FLD) & White Balance Lens Cover

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Ultraviolet (UV) Filter
- Absorbs the UV rays from the sun and gives a sharper 
contrast and vivid picture. Serves as a permanent lens protector
against scratches, dusy, moisture and fingerprints.

Circular (CPL) Filter
Filters out polarized light, dramatically reducing reflections from
non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, etc. Enables colors 
to appear clearer with increased contrast.

Fluorescent (FLD) Filter
Reduces the greenish cast created when shooting under fluorescent 
lighting. It restores natural light colors to the objects you're shooting.

White Balance Lens Cover
The lens cover is used to create a accurate white balance setting ,
point the camera at the light source and then snap a reference image
to use as your cameras pre-set white balance reference.

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