77 mm Variable ND Filters

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The 77 mm Variable Neutral Density Filter offers a
unique way of maintaining total control over your
depth of field as well as presenting an efficient way
to create some special effects. The filter is designed
with a built-in rotating ring that controls neutral
density ranging from 2 - 8 stops (0.6 - 2.4). The
heavier the density, the slower your shutter will be.

Neutral Density Filters Have Four Main Uses

- To enable slow shutter speeds to be used, especially with high speed
ISO's, to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds, or cars.

- To decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used, which
helps separate subjects from their backgrounds

- To decrease the effective ISO of high speed film (above ISO 400) and allow
it to be used outdoors in bright situations.

- To allow cine and video cameras (which have fixed shutter speeds) to film 
subjects such as snow, sand or other bright scenes which could cause 

- EF 16-35mm
- EF-S 10-22mm
- EF 17-40mm
- EF 24-105mm
- EF 24-70mm 
- EF-S 17-55mm
- EF 70-200mm
- EF 28-300mm
- EF 100-400mm
- EF 24mm
- EF 85mm f/1.4 L IS USM
- EF 300mm
- EF 400mm

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